A Message from Our Chapter President



Hi everyone. 2019 has been a great year so far and our fall meetings start up again on
September 10 th . At this meeting we will be discussing and then voting on whether to form a RI TU
council, which would mean combining both RI chapters (Narragansett 225 and Northern RI 737).
Additionally, we will be having a guest speaker, Bob Lindquist, coming to our October meeting
and doing a presentation on the Delaware river. I will ask Ed Lombardo to do a presentation on
his trip to the San Juan river in New Mexico, which should be very interesting, as it was new
water for himself and a group of local New Englanders who have been going to MT for decades.
We have an arsenal of fly-fishing outfits, donated to our chapter by LL Bean and then our chapter
purchased 6 rotary vises and 6 tying tool sets.
Tight lines to all,
John Fischer, President
TU Chapter 737 Northern RI


***Remembering back when I was only 8, my father and grandfather took me fly-fishing while visiting my grandparents in Wyoming. That started a yearly tradition, with breaks while in the military and raising children. It started up again, in the spring of 1991, while driving on Post Road, near T.F. Green airport. That’s when I saw a sign for a fly shop, run by Angelo Mangili. Since then, I have met many great men and women who enjoy fly-fishing and fly-tying and have helped me fine-tune my skills. My three adult children have all tried fly-fishing, but only two have “been hooked”.***