October Meeting and Ed Lombardo Presentation 10/9/18

Please join us at 7pm (6:30 for fly tying) for our October meeting and then a presentation from Ed Lombardo. Ed always does a great job!



 "I will be presenting a program on the following: Fly Fishing the fabulous Bighorn River in Montana this past year, and what it’s like fishing the very prolific Trico Hatch, very exhilarating! Also just how important fishing a variety terrestrials on the Bighorn and rivers here at home such as , The Blackstone River, The Wood River, and more. I will also be speaking on how to present and change different leader systems for matching the flies you use.  And I will be touching on a little of what R I offers in saltwater fly fishing, i.e. our superb tidal rivers.

And of cause my traditional musical theme at the end.  

Ed Lombardo."