Fly Tying Events in RI

Location                                                               Dates                                                    Hours                    Fishing Date


Cross Mills Library (Charlestown)              03-15     03-22     03-29                     6-8 PM                 06-10    

Middletown Public Library                            04-30     05-07     06-04                     6-8 PM                 06-10

Brownell Library (Little Compton)             05-09     05-23     05-30                     6-8 PM                 06-10

Portsmouth Public Library                            05-03     05-10     05-17                     6-8 PM                 06-10


Glocester Manton Library                             06-05     06-12     06-19                     6-8 PM                 08-05

Jesse M Smith Library (Burrillville)             07-09     07-16     07-23                     6-8 PM                 08-05

Coventry Library                                               07-17     07-24     07-31                     6-8 PM                 08-05

Greenville Library                                             07-05     07-12     07-19                     6-8 PM                 08-05



I am requesting assistance with these programs as interest has been growing and some of the programs are very well received and some help on behalf of other instructors will be needed to sustain my efforts in bringing quality programming to people throughout the state.  Anyone and everyone, please feel free to contact me to ask questions about or volunteer for one or more programs, whatever is close to your work or your home.  I am sure there is some place near you where I will be tying.  Also, if you know anyone who is not part of any of our organizations, or if you know any other organizations who might want to assist, please feel free to forward this message.


Scott Travers